Our Xiao Bai! ^^

Yes! I get to see and sit in our car – Xiaobai! ^^ Was so excited early in the morning. Zhu Zhu was really nice to come my house and stay overnight yesterday, because I’ll be leaving for PHP tomorrow. I went for my dental appointment first, which, other than the one hour wait, it went rather well. I booked my appointment on the 21 June, since I thought, no matter what I decide, I should be in SG then. Hmm… 6 months… I still haven’t decide yet. Well, we went to pick up our car after that at Pandan Gardens. There’s a small little chip though, which they will fix for us when the car hit 1,000km. We did a lot of things after that. Went to the Jurong East HDB to buy coupon where Zhu Zhu, once again without disappointment, showed how POWERFUL he is. From at first totally no car park lot and need to get the multistorey car park one to can get original car park lot. You have no idea how powerful he is… Good Good. We went to Autobacs after that and got ourselves the air freshener which was super expensive, and a WHITE steeling wheel cover, and the pedal which doesn’t really seem to fit after that.

We spent the whole afternoon doing up the car. Cool… We got our car! We drove to DG after that. It’s still a piece of bare land at this moment. Even the sign board is down. 3 more years… *smiles gleefully* But tomorrow I’m going to PHP already…

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