Back In PHP

I’m at PHP again. Menses came while I was on the plane. Now, it’s 4.26pm and I’m working in the office. Miss… my darling… Today is a Sunday. I can be at home, with my darling. Sit beside him while he’s playing the Xbox. Then after that follow him to pick up his mum with Xiaobai. But instead, I’m here, in PHP, working. Somehow… I can feel it when I left today. He seems so… Should I? I bought 1 box of SK-II masks though… $162 *ouch* Menses cramps… very bad…

Darling just went offline… OMG… It’s only for the first day and I can’t seem to take it already. The idea of staying here for 6 months is making me feel so depressed. Depressed, not sad! *CRY*

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