Making The Decision

Alright… I think I’d made my choice. Most likely I’ll go to PHP for 6 months. It’s really rather good for my career. Right? And with my Darling’s support, I think I can go through this. BUT I still want to stay in SG for my birthday! ^^ Hmm… Next is… How should I plan the coming back… Woke up at about 11am today. Slept quite a bit but I think I deserved it. Read a bit on the fengshui. Shit-ti-ly… I forgotten to install Fireworks. Sigh…

GOSH! HB is getting married at the end of the year! Oh My God! That’s like so fast!!!

Took my dinner. Not that nice… but what to do… Still a bit hungry. Later probably make a cup of milo to drink. Darling in class again. Sigh… there goes my Interior Design course. Must wait till November already.

Just now had a chat with WT. He wanted to talk to me about the 6 months trip. Well, I agreed. Somehow I believed that it’s quite a good opportunity to learn and move on. Moving forward… that’s how things will goes. But I’ve got a good news. I maybe be able to go back to SG more often, not for personal, but for business trip IFF it’s planned properly. So what’s my next step? Talk to BY! Hee hee… But seriously, it’s quite a good news because I won’t have to delay my dental appointment and I get to go back more often! ^^ Sigh… But still, I’ll be away for a while. And then, I did mention that I hope to only start after my birthday, which WT said he’s alright. So next step? Talk to BY! Hmm… Guess I won’t be able to make it back for DL’s wedding… As for CC’s one… Sigh… Never mind, don’t think about that first.

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