Mall Of Asia

Before I came home yesterday, suddenly my stomach is in great pain. This morning, it’s still the same. Did I eat something wrong? It felt a bit like gastric kind of pain… No good… I woke up at 11.50am just now. SK and IC came back only around 7.30am. Why do they need to woke so hard? Now everybody is sleeping except me and RT. I sms-ed Zhu Zhu just now, and apparently he had an argument with the TL – YH, again. I’m not sure what happened but later he’ll tell me. Think really have to help him find a new job asap.

Alright… it’s a Saturday and it’s damn boring now. What do you face? TV and computer. TV and computer. Can I take this for half a year? NO! I miss being at home and going out… I miss my Darling…

Went to the office finally at around 4pm. But we didn’t stay there, about half an hour later, we left for the Mall of Asia, the world’s 3rd largest mall. IC, SK and WT went for dinner while I follow the other 2 – RN and HT. Of course! I don’t think I want to waste my time eating dinner. I want to go shopping! What I bought? Hmm… 4 pairs of earrings and the rest are all miscellaneous. Not much. Oh yes, another 3 pairs of magnetic earrings. Thought its quite nice, and I can buy it for DW and my sister. Went back to the office at about 9.30pm and chatted with my Darling for a while. And you know what? After that I, alone, took the van back! It was a bit scary but luckily I managed to reach back safely. Brought the “supper” back for EY and myself though. Called my mum also. My sister went to Batam today, so, yes, it’ll be nice if I can let my mum know that I’m back in the apartment safe and sound. She’s glad that I called also. Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day. Just now I asked IC when we are going back. And she said, “after DM”. Sigh… Lord knows when was that. My flight back home 31st May, is also after DM… Sigh… Darling watching “Hannibal” now. I waiting for him to finish watching then I can talk to him already!

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