Watch Darling Watching SotL

Guess what I’m doing now? I’m watching my Darling, watching the Silence of the Lambs. It actually felt very nice, just by looking at him, lying on his bed as usual… *LOL* Wish SO MUCH that I was lying beside him and watching together… Sigh… What am I doing in PHP? For a better future… What can I do…?

Really don’t feel like doing anything at all. It’s already 2.42pm and I’m still in my PJs and… surfing the internet? Hmm… can’t expect me to work right? It’s a SUNDAY, for goodness sake! Some more it’s Mothers’ Day! Sigh… Darling went down to buy his lunch. Hmm… I’m “listening”. How come got so many sound one… Think he’s quite bored. If only I’m there… in SG with him. Sunday… what do we normally do? Stay at home and rot while he plays XBox. Better than we are apart!

Back in the office after having dinner at Hap Chan. What I saw? A cockroach’s leg! Hmm… I think it’s so common here till I’m really quite pre-cautious when I’m eating those vegetables. In case I saw any… you-know-what… That will be terrible! Mothers’ Day… later shall give my mum a call. Hmm… anything that I can buy for her? Maybe buy it together for her birthday?

*Yawn* Only 9.44pm. Wonder what time I can go back today. Suddenly IC just asked me to check for something which I ain’t familiar with. I hate that.

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