No Life In Manila

Today, the migration had been postponed to Thursday, so IC said there’s no need to go to work today. What can we do? I don’t know. I just want to go back to SG asap.

Reading a book and looking at the screen of a pathetic notebook, which accompanied me for the past week. The sound of EY’s snore continued at the back as he slept so soundly on the coach. Almost everyday, he slept on the coach and snores… The TV is showing the Disney Channel – George of the Jungle. I just called WZ, he just had his lunch. SK went to the office already. Me? I don’t know what I can do. Hungry? Yes… Maybe I can drink some milo. But the cups here… *gross* I opened the cupboard a few days before, to look for some salt for EY’s throat. Yes, I found it, and found a lot more things as well. I opened and cockroaches were running around. Ants seem to be everywhere. Toilet, room, sofa, table… everywhere. It seems more like a… pig’s sty. I mean, it wasn’t AS bad but yes, bad. A place which I feel unsafe about going anywhere on my own. How to survive? I wanted to go to Greenbelt but it seems so far away. With everyone still sleeping, what am I going to do? Rot. Thats what my Darling told me. Damn, he’s so right!

Finally went to Greenbelt for dinner. Its really scary to sit on a tAxi. Firstly, you have to make sure that the meter is on. Then you must ensure that he knows that place, you know the route, so that he won’t bring you to tour around. The food… too salty, too sweet. I ate a fish that’s cooked with cornflakes, with pasta almost soaked in olives oil. Well, I can say that the green mango juice is nice. Other than that… YUCKS! Everywhere you go, its “Yes Sir”, “Yes mAm”, “Welcome Sir”, “Welcome mAm”… but it feels so empty, so insincere…

P/S: I didn’t know that POSB atm card can be used in the ATM here.

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