Extending My Visa

Grace, the admin in PHP, asked me if we need to extend our visa. If yes, then have to extend by Friday. Else, we will go back latest by 25th. Seriously I don’t mind not being able to stay. But I need to wait till data migration is over before I can negotiate about going back first. Yes, I’d dropped the idea of taking the Interior Design course already. Now… I’m just waiting. BY told me that we will discuss when I’m back. No, I don’t really feel like staying here for 6 months. With this kind of life… My cough is coming back, when it hadn’t recover fully due to these 2 trips to PHP. My stomach don’t feel that good and I’m so sick of the food here. No more fast food for me. Staying here isn’t just torturing physically. Its a torture to my mental health too.

My parents are so funny. Just now I called my mum but the phone got cut half way. Then my sister sms me to tell me to call her HP. And you know what happened? My parents, alone at home on don’t know which day, didn’t hear any phone ringing for the whole day. So they thought that the cordless phone must be out of battery. And since my sister went to Batam for that past few days, they couldn’t ask anyone so they changed the battery to a NORMAL one instead of rechargeable! Thats why just now talk half way, and the batteries’ flat! *pengz* Very funny… called and she’s like “Eh! We were just talking about you!” Well… yes, I can hear you all “talking” behind me. *giggles* Damn… I still can’t go back. And now my tummy feels kind of funny. Think a bit indigestion.

Grasshoppers going to hold a concert in Genting! 14 June 2008 and we are going to watch it! Woohoo!! But Zhu Zhu haven’t come online yet. Just now went to eat Japanese food. EY and CN were so funny. Both of them ate the buffet and a lot! 13 dishes each! They ate until they lost count! Tomorrow will have the migration. Now I’m back in the office.

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