Final Phase For Migration

11.54am… Another 2 hours and hopefully everything will be over. *PRAY* Let’s hope that everything is fine and there won’t be any hiccups. SK going back to SG tomorrow. What am I still doing here? Not sure. Later will have to check with IC. Anyway, if we are not going off, we will have to extend our visa. But now… I don’t think she’s got the mood to think of other things. So be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

Migration is over. Don’t have really big problems. Same as those that happened that day only. Zhu Zhu sms me just now. Told me that he felt very frustrated when Godma they all kept calling him and ask him when can get the TV. He mentioned that he already sold it to them rather cheaply but yet they still kept on pushing him. Honestly… if it’s me, I’ll be pissed off too. As much as he’s stuck in the middle. I am too. Not that I want to sell to Godma so cheaply. Its not easy for me either, to reject Godma’s offer, though I know it’s a lot lower. But you know, she’s your Godma, someone who loves you since you were young. And it’s not as if she always take advantage of me right? And honestly, not that I want them to bug WZ. But… I’m stuck here. You told me that the TV is ready. So I told them that the TV is ready and asked them to call you. Then after that I asked you and you said you need to call those people first. I’m ok but I never tell them. So they did what I say, call you… Damn shitty right? I already felt so shitty getting stuck here. And when I asked IC WHEN I can go back, she mentioned next week (idiot, I also know next week). Asked her if I can go back earlier and she never replied to me. What am I doing here? Its a total waste of my time! And my home is getting so messed up! WTF!

Damn… No flight back till 24th… *CRY*

I don’t feel like doing anything at all already. My task is completed and I can’t go back because there’s no flight. And suddenly I can feel rashes coming out! Bad… this is bad… I’ve got no medicine over here… AND I REALLY MISS MY BEAR BEAR SO MUCH!!!!!!

YOU disrupt the things which you think it’s correct. Those things that YOU don’t find it correct, YOU don’t let others disrupt it. What kind of PM are YOU? And with that kind of tone, do YOU know how many people YOU had offended? Well, let YOU know. A LOT!

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