Stupid Questions

I found this as I happened to read one person’s blog:

Name 20 person you can think of right now.
(1) Darling
(2) Sister
(3) JY
(4) Pete
(5) SK
(6) Leon
(7) Sun2
(8) Nana
(9) LL
(10) CC
(11) C.Girl
(12) Beng
(13) CCH
(14) EY
(15) YF
(16) HS
(17) Yee
(18) Chris (colleague)
(19) DW
(20) Eug (Cuz)

Q1. How did you meet #14?
A1. He’s my colleague

Q2. What would you do if you didn’t meet #1?
A2. I wouldn’t know that there’s actually someone who can be so patient though he’s rather hot-tempered. To always make me smile no matter where I am. XXooxxOO!

Q3. What if #9 and #20 dated?
A3. I think my mum will kill me. She don’t support lesbians.

Q4. Would #6 and #17 date?
A4. Maybe #6 will go after #17 but I doubt #17 will agree to go out with #6.

Q5. Describe #3.
A5. Skinny. Looks like he took drugs. Likes to bite his nails. Love to sleep, hug and kiss his piggies, talk rubbish. And now he msn-ing me. Scary… O.O”’

Q6. Is #8 attractive?
A6. I wouldn’t use the word to describe her looks but she sure is attractive from the inside, else she wouldn’t be one of my best-est friend. *wink*

Q7. Describe #7.
A7. Noisy. Talkative. But she’s very fun. I hope she diets. TOLD her that she looks alright since Sec 2 but she refused to believe it. She hates her students.

Q8. Know any of #12 family members?
A8. Yes. Know his second younger brother. A fatter version of him. The youngest one don’t look the same. The parents… still alright. But I’m not very familiar with them though.

Q9. What would you do if #18 confesses to you that he likes you?

Q10. What language does #15 speak?
A10. Broken English. Mandarin. Hokkien. Cantonese.

Q11. Who is #9 going out with?
A11. An Ang Moh from Holland, whom I forgotten the name. But he’s 2 metres tall!

Q12. How old is #16?
A12. I think he’s 31.

Q13. When is the last time you spoke to #13?
A13. About 1 month ago, through msn when he asked me about some translations.

Q14. Who is #2 favourite band/singer?
A14. Grasshoppers!! And we are going to watch their concert in Genting soon!

Q15. Would you ever date #4?
A15. I dated before. A long long time ago…

Q16. Would you ever date #1?
A16. Of course! He’s SO CUTE!

Q17. Is #19 single?
A17. Hmm… I kept asking myself also. She seems somewhat secretive recently… But she’s not married yet, definitely.

Q18. What is #10’s last name?
A18. Tan.

Q19. Would you ever be in a relationship with #11?
A19. If I’m a guy, I do hope so. She’s really a sweet girl. Of course, I like her also. And no, not in that kind of “slanted” way but yes, we’re in the “straight” and very good relationship!

Q20. School of #3?
A20. Hmm… Let’s see… Catholic High (Pri), Raffles Instituition (Sec), NYJC, NUS.

Q21. Where does #6 live?
A21. Clementi. Some ulu corner.

Q22. What’s your favourite thing about #5?
A22. She’s a sincere person, straight forward too. She won’t stab you behind your back. And she’s really friendly.

Q23. Have you seen #2 naked?
A23. Erm… When she was like 8? ^^

5.14pm, I’m in the office again. This morning went to a family KTV to celebrate the ending of Project A! It’s quite fun but then, my Darling isn’t around… so… there’s a limit. WT asked me to take up the offer of staying here for 3 months but I told him that I still need to go back and discuss. Of course, I don’t want to agree to it so abruptly again. Now… I also don’t know what to do…

IC’s flight changed to 21 May already… Mine haven’t change yet… *CRY*

Sis just sms to say that Kovan’s full… Hmm… How? No coach. No hotel rooms. Should have tried yesterday.

I seriously don’t like IC. She always assigned things to me which I don’t really understand. And she expects you to know. I migrate data but other than that, that’s it. I won’t know if it shows differently, do I? The longer I stay here, the more she uses me as her PA. =.=”’ TMD! BITCH!

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