Lonely Saturday

Another week… and I’m still stuck in PHP. IC told me just now that there’s a lot of problems with data. Oh yes… Sure it’s data? Anyway, I can only help THAT much. Sigh. And I haven’t go and buy the 7D mangoes yet! Ram went back today already. EY still sleeping as usual. I don’t know what I can do now. Damn. It sure is boring.

Yeah! I’m going back home!! FINALLY! After 2 weeks of torture! Damn! I wished I can go off earlier but there ain’t any earlier flight already. But it’s okay! Because its A LOT BETTER than on the 24th! 17 days… Terrible…

Went to Glorietta just now and bought the beads! There isn’t a lot actually and the quality doesn’t seem as good. Especially on the crystal. Don’t look like swarovski to me. Anyway, bought other things and cost me only about 300 pesos! Thats like $9! Had wanted to buy some top for Zhu Zhu from Esprit. But look here, look there, it ain’t a lot cheaper also. Some more afraid I buy the wrong size, so I dropped the idea. Back in office now. WZ never go out with CZ because CZ’s grandfather passed away…

Don’t shout at me for nothing! You are pissed and so is everybody! I’m stuck in the middle some more!

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