EY Said “CB”

So here I am, at 10am, awake and still tired. EY just woke up. No idea about IC. Why? It’s a Sunday and IC, yesterday, happily asked us to go office earlier. Like… 10.30am? Crazy right? Yes, I want to go back asap. Because as long as I’m here, and she’s here, I’m like a slave. She asked me to go and gather some requirements. Honestly, I ain’t very happy that she’s asking me to go and get the requirements. I DON’T wish to be under her. These few days, I had wanted to do the SOW BUT somehow or another, she will happily asked me to look at problems which I ain’t familiar with. Then now she wanted ME to go and gather the requirements. I wonder if it is her work and she asked me to do it. TMD… I ain’t her PA. Bitch!

In the end… we never go out so early. It’s 2.54pm on a Sunday and I’m still in the apartment. IC sleeping now. We all went to Burgundy for lunch just now. EY woke up not long ago and couldn’t find his jeans which, weirdly, was in my room. Just now had a long chat with Tyra and all. WZ in my house playing game. I’m going back! We all are going back! Managed to change all their flight to the 20th! ^^ Just now change, then only left IC on waiting list. But just called again and managed to get it. I realised one thing. You have to keep on calling. You can’t wait for them to call back. I’m getting more and more street smart!

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