36 More Hours

Yes… I’m counting down… 36 more hours to my flight… Heeheehee… *wink*

Around 25 more hours and I should by on my flight back to SG! Just called Zhu Zhu… he told me that he’s going to a girl’s house. Somehow, I don’t really feel anything because can feel like he’s joking. But nonetheless, I called him. And yes, he’s going to a girl’s house. He’s going to MY house to play MJ. =.=”’ But better than him going somewhere else. *LOL* I’m so bad…

I found this software – Dress Assistant, just now. It mainly helps to capture and store pictures of all your clothes, and you can view, drag and drop to make combinations using the pieces available. It seems quite nice. Cost USD$19.99. Hmm… Should I get it? It seems rather nice. Finally to have something which can help me to organize my clothes. Or should I spend time and write a program on my own? The only one thing which I don’t really like is… There’s no random function! *LOL* Which means I will still have to “choose” after all. I’m back in the office. 5pm already but I just had my lunch with IC. She asked me to wear something nicer the next time BUT what is the point of wearing nicer when I’m here. I’ll seem so “OUT”standing, like some kind of alien. But yes, it will definitely make me feel better. Anyway, 21 more hours to my flight. I went to look through my blog yesterday. I realized that for a long time, I had been concentrating a lot on my career instead of myself. Is that a good thing? I feel like buying more beads online… but for what? I hardly go and make those jewellery for myself.

Oh! Did I say that IC’s got one nose hair coming out from her nose? Oops… Not deliberately trying to see but… it’s rather obvious… and… a bit unsightly… BUT IT’S SO DIFFICULT TO TELL SOMEONE “Hey, you’ve got nose hair coming out from your nose”. Damn it… By the way, she said that my Zhu Zhu looks very good boy type. Hmm… Weird… I thought he looks “ah-beng”. *giggles* But it’s alright! I still love him a lot a lot a lot a lot!

8.42pm, 17 more hours to go! Sis just told me that Darling just went home about 10 minutes ago. Think he’ll reach home by 9.30pm. I just had my dinner. Not too bad. Waiting for EY to finish then we can go back and pack our clothes!

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