Yeah! Yeah! I’m Going Home!

After 17 days… Finally… Just 12 more hours, and I’ll be on my way home… Tried to write the program out, something like Dress Assistant. But I realized its quite a waste of time. I think I rather spend USD$20 to buy the software. Else I’ll “crack” it! ^^

5 more hours and I’ll be on the plane! Yes! 17 days… It’s been terrible… to be away from Zhu Zhu and my loving family. EY snoring away on the coach… (again). When I slept this morning, my back was so aching. Maybe sat too long? Hmm… Must get Darling to help me massage tonight! ^^ So happy that I’m going to see him again!

The only words that kept floating around in my mind was, “回家的感觉真好!”

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