Is marriage still as important as they were in the past? Does the vows still hold? “Till death do us part…”. Talking to Nadi. Told her about the gal on the phone. So what if you really know? I’ve been through at both sides. No, both don’t feel good. Is her husband really that good? Threaten? Ha! Ask him to go and eat shit, sorry, but I seriously despised him. Especially when he’s got such a good wife. Sometimes I don’t understand men. Why? Is it that bad to get married?

Shifted my seat to beside TN. Seems weird. Just now want to book the movie tickets for this Friday. But book wrongly and almost book for the same timing for Saturday one! Luckily I click the “Stop” button on time. *Phew* Close shave…

It’s so hot… 11.17pm… Darling already sleeping. He’s tired, from the wake up this morning to watch the match between Chelsea and Man-U. I woke up too. I’m really tired now but not sleepy. Been a few days since I can sleep normally. My hours ain’t tuned back yet. Man-U won. Somehow… somehow they just won. NN very happy. BY talked to me. Said if possible, I’ll need to go PHP for 2 months – July and August. I agreed to it. What can I say? They already reduced from 6 months to 2 months for me. For my career, I will tolerate.

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