Can’t Sleep. Can’t Wake Up.

I was sleeping… soundly… Then I heard my mum, trying to wake me up, and I did. She looked at me, and asked, “Aren’t you going to work?” Damn… It’s 8.45am and I’m still on my bed. Aahhhhhh… For these few nights, I couldn’t sleep at 12am… I can only get to sleep at about 2am. I spent the few hours chatting with my mum last night, till my dad came back from work. But the thing is, I can’t wake up in the morning at 7.30am either! Why? Because I had been sleeping at odd hours for the past few weeks in PHP. Sigh… Just now took a cab to work. Luckily late for only half an hour. Cost me $14.50 though. Well… failed to deposit money to UOB till just now. Hopefully it’s in time for the deduction. I don’t really wish to pay $10 fine for it! Should consider putting $200 as a base in UOB and $500 in POSB.

Looking at what Nadi is going through… Suddenly I thought, what happens if its me? What will I do? What happens if Zhu Zhu changed his job to a banker, came home late always? Will I check his hp? I doubt so… because once I check, it’ll be over. But what happen if I overhear him talking? I’ll be curious and ask who he/she is. But… I know it’s a difficult decision when you love someone so much… Oh… I miss my Darling!

“What happen in Vegas” is nice! Went to watch with WZ after dinner. It was nice going around with him in the car late at night and what’s more? I can bring a big big bag without knowing how I can keep it. Just DUMP into the back seat and TADA! By the way, he lost the earring…

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