Crocodile Underwear

Guess what I’m doing now? In front of my notebook, drinking a packet of milo, talking to JY and asking him about fixing the computer, ticking of my list of “to-do’s” and wearing my Darling’s ‘cute little’ crocodile underwear! So sexy right?! *LOL* Later I’ll be meeting him at SP Gym at 1.30pm. Hopefully I won’t be late. Can at most exercise till 3pm then we have to go home, bathe and change, and pick up his mum for high tea already.

Never go to the gym in the end because Zhu knock off late from work, though I already prepared, and ready to do some exercises. Oh well, I still perspired like crazy because of the extremely hot weather. We went back to Zhu’s house and didn’t rest much before we changed and went to pick his mum up. Terrible. I don’t mean the picking of his mum, I meant the tons of birds’ shit on Xiaobai! We ended up cleaning at the place where he picked his mum. Terrible… Why? Because on the bonnet, apparently there’s a patch of shit which Zhu Zhu tried to clean so HARD till… there’s scratches. And now… Xiaobai looks like he got one “blue-black” on his face. =.=”’ Poor him…

High tea? Erm… Not too bad except that his mum complained that the food ain’t as nice as those from the place she work. Sigh… If you don’t eat, how would you know if its nice? There’s a difference between eating from the kitchen and being a guest. Too expensive? Like that next time only bring you to coffeeshop? Not as if we eat that everyday right? Sigh… Sometimes it is a bit demoralizing to bring his mum out to eat. Because she will comment on this and that. Apparently she only likes coffeeshop’s food. =.=”’

Went to trim hair (both of us), then played a round of MJ before going to the Cathay at Downtown East and watched “Made of Honour”. And that stupid staff don’t let us bring the chips in! TMD!

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