Can’t Get Enough Rest

I don’t know why but I just feel so tired… Though for days, I had been sleeping quite a lot. Am I sick? Never hear from Zhu Zhu yet… Already 10.19am…

Just came back from the Buffet at Vienna International @ United Square. Full… Very full… Full until I felt like puking. Full until I felt like sleeping. But it’s only 2.25pm and I’ve got 2 SOW which I need to finish by today. Damn. My brain is shut off. Later still need to call and make reservation at the Brazilian restaurant for this Saturday.

Stupid PIG! TOLD him not to go to the gym already still insist on going. Now it’s 7.44pm already and I’m so freaking hungry! Ok… he just called. He said now then off, he never go to the gym… Luckily… Else I’ll bite him!

Watched the “Hitman” online. I had no idea what it’s talking about…

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