Almost Overslept Again

*YAWN* It’s ONLY Thursday… TN won’t be coming in today. EY too. By the way, the latter will be going to PHP for 6 months. And so will HB, in June. Sigh… Me? In July, I guess. Damn… I haven’t go for the holiday yet! But if I were to go in June, it will be damn freaking expensive. And now it’s a bit last minute to go… What can I do?

I’m trying to migrate the rest of the members in SIT. Hmm… Troublesome… So sleepy. Stomach don’t really feel too well. Just now Darling very nice. He went to call up HDB to ask about the PS and Loan because he received an SMS to select the flat. Then the loan wasn’t approved yet. Not too bad, he actually volunteered on his own. Cheerios!

The lift is finally READY! I was walking back on Level 5 then I never saw the “Maintenance” word, so I just tried and pressed the button and it works! I took the lift from Level 5 to Level 6. Just want to try out.

As I was… trying… to go… and sleep… I received… an… sms from… NN… saying… “Tm think got to reschedule the mac. Dont think i can wake up tml. Sorry” *Giggles* I think I can’t either. So early… 6am…

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