Irritating Accent

You know… I changed my seat last week right? Now I’m sitting near the Archi team and it’s rather annoying because there’s these 2 “fake ang mohs” right behind me. What do I mean? Probably one is Indonesian, fine, but you can hear from the way they speak (English), they are faking the accent from the Americans. Slang here, slang there. Hello… Can’t you see this is a CHINESE company. Not till the extent of going abroad yet? And it’s not that they are not capable of speaking “normal” English. They just loooove to “display” their “fluent” English. DUH! Anyway, received an email from SG on the JOHN TITOR! How?? How??!

Suddenly I felt so stress and I’ve got totally no mood to do anything… I just told DL that me and WZ are going to his wedding… and then he said “Just for your information, YT will be going too.” O.O”’ How?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *STRESSED*

You know KARMA? They really comes back… I shouldn’t have had so many “boyfriends” and looked what I’d done… DL’s wedding. Yes, I’m going (Though at this point, like what JY said, I really want to be a maid and be in PHP). And yes, WZ will be going too. DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! *PULLLLLLLS HAAAIIIIIRRRR*

Oh Lord… It’s 4.44pm…

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