“Fly Aeroplane”

Today I didn’t go lunch with my sister and Miss Tan. Find it extremely inaccessible to go there, and to come out from there. In short, I’m lazy. Anyway, in the end, I went for my dental appointment and right after that, I went to meet Zhu Zhu at TPY. We had intended to go to the gym right after that but because it was drizzling, we ended up going home. But because WZ had wanted to go gym (since he find himself getting fatter), I ended up dragged by him to the gym still. Great right? Well, anyway, we went there to exercise for about an hour only before WZ complained that he was hungry (I ate at Mos Burger while waiting for him).

We were supposed to go out with CZ and his female friend today. But his female friend “fly aeroplane”, so I had to call someone to go (else the movie ticket will be wasted). Luckily, I managed to find NN, which was good, since I had intended to go and meet up with her. We met, and NN parked her car near TB Plaza. We had our dinner at the Brazilian restaurant. According to WZ, it was rather nice, but not really worth it to eat, no harm to try though. Cost like $50 per person. We went to watch Narnia after that. The movie was quite alright. I wouldn’t exactly said it’s great. The parking fee was expensive. We sent CZ back home after that. And on our way, there’s this drunk guy driving a van. Can see from his face as we drove passed him. Sigh… What’s wrong with all these people?

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