EZ’s Last Day

What should I say? She’s quitting and leaving us… All those people that I can talk to… are not in this office. Why? Any particular reason?Just had lunch with EZ, YF, HS and LJ… Sigh… Felt like crying… After today, I’ll be all “alone”… *SOB* and I saw a dead 1cm caterpillar on one of […]

I Ate A Rubber Band

Oh no… is anything going to happen? I ate one of the rubber bands for my braces! Didn’t realise it until like half an hour later when I’m shopping with Zhu Zhu at cold storage. Sigh… Hopefully it don’t get digested. Damn… stomach don’t feel too well…For the whole day, we hardly did anything meaningful […]

9.15am *SHOCK*

It felt so nice to wake up, see my Darling changed into his army clothing (who now regretted in not performing well when he was in army and wasted 2 years of his life) and see him out. But the next moment, I woke up and realised it’s already 9.15am! And I’M VERY LATE FOR […]

Email Dug Out

I’m so sleepy. Having headaches now. Couldn’t sleep last night so ended up talking to WZ till 2am before I can bring myself to sleep… not so soundly. Anyway… the email “down” again. LS sent an email yesterday asking people to use the webmail but seriously, I don’t think a lot of people really understand […]

Pig In Camp

Almost 11am. Darling went for reservist this morning. He woke up really early and I finally saw him wear his army uniform! SO SMART! ^^ I took a picture of him! But he look so grumpy in that. Just now he sms and told me that he will stay out for the whole week, and […]