Godma’s Kitchen Warming

Ducks, char siew, 3 layers fatty meat, pizza… That’s what my Godma bought for her kitchen warming. Just a small occasion.

DW came out from ‘our’ lift shortly after we started. Our lift. Hmm… It’s actually a lot more convenient with that new lift around. ^^ TT came… running around as usual. WZ played Xbox and MJ. I rotted. And rotted. And rotted for the whole day. Before starting to download songs at night.

My Darling, as usual, ain’t good at electronics-related things. He wanted to play the Xbox, went into the house and came out again. And he said, “I don’t know what’s wrong, can’t seem to make it work.” Yes… of course it can’t work. Because the plug of the TV wasn’t plugged (that’s what he told me when I went in). But it still ain’t working! Why? Because he’s not in the correct video mode! Tada! So cute!

It’s the first day of June.

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