Being Inconsiderate

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Though I had quite a long sleep but it ain’t very good. I kept dreaming of those very bad things. The Legend, end of the World etc. Am I reading too much? But somehow, I don’t know why. Whatever that was mentioned, somehow seems to be coming true. Are those people for real or they are just making guesses and it happened that a few of them came true?

Ever just want to be so inconsiderate. Demand things just because you want it. Well, I did it yesterday. I wanted my Darling to come to my house and stay overnight. No, I’m not always that goodie-goodie girlfriend who listens to you ALL the time. I can be rather wilful. Of course not MOST of the time, just… once in a while when I’m feeling a bit naughty and down, and probably when there ain’t a lot of stars in the sky. I met Nadi for lunch yesterday at Magic Wok. It was nice. I had tom yum soup, something which I had wanted to eat since I came back from PHP. I’ve grown fatter, yes, it’s been confirmed. Then at night, I had dinner with Shan. She’s still the same. Funnily, she finally agreed to join SDU. Damn… if I’m single, I’ll join for fun. But oh well, I’ve got my sweet little Zhu Zhu who loves me so much! ^^ *kiss kiss*

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