I Am Pirate

Almost dirtied my panties just now when I got off the MRT. My stomach suddenly got so painful so I rushed into the toilet and luckily got in, in time to shit on my panties. Don’t really have the mood to work…

Some people are really not meant to be here. For example, Shiam. He got some attitude problem but it’s alright. It was just found out that he sort of made a mess of the SVN. Great! After all these hard work, one guy can idiotically just messed up (his part, luckily). I’ve been downloading music since morning. Not too bad, some of the songs. Don’t really want to feel outdated. Dar Dar said I’m a pirate. Hack his account etc. Oh well, am I really one? No, of course not. Just that I’m more pro in computer. Rihanna… Quite a nice song – “Don’t Stop The Music”.

I finally finished listing out all the pigs drawings that I’m going to start. *Phew* About 38 for now. Will need to think of one more from now till end of June. 20 drawings for 6 months. Quite alright, right? Just now I showed the site to HB and he suggested putting words in it. What you think?

My nose almost broke! Squeeze so hard! Damn…

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