Wednesday… *Yawn*

I woke up at 8.48am. Darling had went to work already. Today is his first day doing HST. I’m… in the office now. SK is here again. Hmm… Why does people need to work? I’m having stomachache. Think my menses should be coming soon. Better come now than during the Genting trip. I need to relax a bit.

Just finished downloading a lot of mandarin songs. Later will go MPH to see if they sell any thumbdrive. TN was telling me that at this moment, an 8GB thumbdrive might cost only $50+!! Damn… and my 128MB thumbdrive probably cost that amount about 5 years ago! Shit!

Gross people… As I walked into my office building, feeling irritated already because I couldn’t find a thumbdrive which is cheaper, I saw this guy, rather tall, wearing a pair of sunglasses (Lord knows where the hell is the SUN), talking on the phone while waiting for the lift (at least I thought so). Fine… you want to wear sunglasses, not really my problem. Then the lift came, and me and an auntie went in, pressed the level that we wanted to go in and I pressed the “Door Close” button. But he came in at the last minute (still talking on the phone). No, he never press anything. Never mind, and when the door was closing, he stupidly go and press the “Door Open” button again. TMD! I think it’s because his phone going to be cut off. And damn, he’s like talking SO loudly. FINE. He talk loudly, never mind. When the lift reached level 8, I couldn’t go out. You know why? Because he stupidly (don’t know for what SHIT reason) walked to the MIDDLE of the EXIT and BLOCKED the EXIT! IDIOT GUY! He don’t know that even if he don’t need to go out, there’s SOMEBODY ELSE who needs to go out is it?!

I just received a creepy email on China Olympics 2008. Apparently, its all predictions… the next place could be somewhere near the beach, in China, most probably, because of the mascot (the one with the fish). If that really happens… Hmm… Tsunami? And… will China really cancel the holding of the Olympics. Right now, it seems like everything is still continuing. If it really cancelled, won’t John Titor’s predictions be correct. Does that mean… Hmm… Or… Will all those predictions be wrong?

I felt so distracted. So not focus. It’s been getting so difficult to concentrate.

I GOT MY NEW HP! Nokia 6500 Slide! Black one. Zhu Zhu got the silver one. Hee hee. And you know what? It cost us almost ZERO DOLLARS! We took our old phone to the shop near Hougang Mall to sell, and got us like $190. And the new hp only cost $88 each! Of course we went to get the screen protector too, so add up about the same. Nice right?! ^^

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