New HP, Ringtone, Theme!

Alright… it must have been the caused of the A. Project which dragged like for almost 6 months that had made me felt so tired. I think I need a short break, a getaway… it’s coming… but still, I need to wait. I need to start making things right. First… I’VE GOT MY NEW HP!! *Going Crazy Again*

I’ve got my new ring tone! Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and “来不及” by Hebe! So nice! I feel so energetic now! *Hey hey you you, I know that you like me…*

I got my new theme already! “I’m Tired” – Cute! *Hey hey you you, I want to be your girlfriend…*

5.20pm and I’m feeling GREAT! Just sponsored a child. Well, I had wanted to do that a while ago but just that, didn’t get to do it till now. Why wait, right? Was thinking, I spent $7.10 eating a meal (lunch). $45… isn’t that much right? Yesterday mum was saying that in the newspapers, it states that there’s too many people eating too much (overweight), while there’s too many people eating too little. Must make this world a little better. Thinking about the China earthquakes. $6 billion worth of donations became $3 billion when it reaches the hands of those victims. Where did the $3 billion went? Karma… those who got a handful of those money… will get it. Maybe not them, but their descendants, and their descendants…

Oh yes… almost forgotten. Mum wants to choose some more photos. And I need to charge my camera… and bring the charger… too… Hmm… When am I packing my luggage? Sigh… Still need to wait for like ONE MORE WEEK. I think I collapsing already. I’ve got really no mood to do work AT ALL! 6.33pm… I’m going to find a suitable moment to ‘sneak’ home… I’m sitting at the back. It doesn’t seem that good to walk pass so many people who are still struggling with their work. Damn it. Why sit here? If sit at VT there… then I can easily sneak out!

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