Bike Accident…

Can’t sleep anymore. I’m now at WZ’s place. He’s still sleeping. Guess he’s really tired. Whole story? He got into an accident, with his bike. He’s on his way back home when at this T-junction along Clemenceau Avenue, he went straight, but a cab turned right (apparently he couldn’t see him), and so he knocked onto his rear side because WZ couldn’t stop in time. Luckily he wasn’t riding very fast. I didn’t know till he called me at about 8pm. Never tell me much things though. My sister offered to send me down to SGH. His mum went to. And so is the cab driver’s son. Well, at least they never ran away. The waiting was long. We were there at about 10pm and the whole thing took like till 1am. Then… it was a series of discussions because they don’t know if want to report to the police, claim insurance etc. Plus the fact that because WZ injured his ‘balls’ and the ultrasound scanning can only be done in a few more days, reports won’t be out in a week and in order to claim insurance, this case have to be reported within a week. After some thinking, I advised him to report to the police (just for black & white).

Sigh… The lucky thing is, other than the ‘balls’ and some scratches, he’s alright. See… ride bike for what. I’m going to psycho him to sell his bike. Makes people worried only. 9am… I took urgent leave today. Too tired to go work already.

Urgh… I’m really very tired… Spent the whole day running around with WZ. First, we went to the police station, to pass him the insurance (which he told us that we could actually fax to him), then after that to SGH (where WZ made his ultrasound scanning appointment, and of which the lady at the Customer Service SUCKS!), then after that to Mah Motor Agencies (where we get to see Ah Wah, the guy whom the cab driver’s son introduced, and settled all the paper work with him, but out of which, we need to get something from WZ’s uncle), then we went back where I K.O. right after I hit his bed and slept for 2 hours. Then finally I woke up for dinner, and we headed for my house after that, pumped petrol, and saw this damn idiotic caterpillar wriggling around at the dashboard. At first I thought it was a shadow cast down onto the board because it was only a straight line. But after that the line became an ‘L’ shape and the next it start moving down. Damn… I was almost going crazy. Asked Skyes to stop the car immediately at the bus stop while I closed my eyes and started screaming. Well, he did well, caught the idiotic worm and threw it out of the car. *Phew* After that terrible ordeal, we went to his Uncle’s house (which was a ‘bit’ messy) and as usual, he played XBox when we back at home, while I cleaned up my mp3 player for space, and let my mum chose the photos to develop. Slept at about 2am.

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