TKS’s Wedding

Shag… Maybe it’s nice to have my Darling sleeping over but is it nice to wake up at 6am and head for his home? Hmm… But… no, I don’t want him to ride his bike anymore. Should strive to change the OPC to normal ones! Yes… that shall be it.

Went for my dental appointment… Rubber bands… What the hell is that?

So boring… I finished my dental appointment at 10.10am but Darling won’t be here till 11.30am… Go and eat breakfast now. Hungry.

TKS finally got married. Saw the 3 chinese teachers there – Mdm Chua, Mr Yeo and Mdm Hua. Then there were Lingjia, and a girl whom I don’t find her that familiar, and there’s Chee Chiau and Hwee Liang, who brought his son here! 5 months old! Cute! Saw the video clip on how TKS proposed to Reese. So funny… Went to meet up with my sister etc at DFS but couldn’t find anything for my mum. After that, we were so tired that we went back to Zhu’s house first before taking the car and go out again.

Bought 2 tops from G2000. 15/32, that’s the size for Zhu Zhu. Must take note. Then next time I can buy shirt for him! ^^

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