The ‘Truth’

It was early in the morning. I just woke up, eyes still close. And as I walked out of the bedroom, I saw my sister signalled to me, to ask me to go into her room. And so I did. “Hey, I already told mum that WZ fell into the drain. Else he cannot come out later”. Those are the words I heard. Suddenly, I became awake. Yes, I already forgotten about the cut on WZ’s legs. For the past few days, he had been playing game till late, until my parents went into their room before he went to bathe. Damn… have to ensure everything goes smoothly. So I naturally went to brush my teeth, and back to my room where I told this to WZ. Luckily everything seems alright.

Later in the afternoon, we went to past the papers to Mah Motors, then to the temple to pray before we went to IKEA at Tampines. It’s really BIG. So tired… there goes my weekend.

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