The Learning Path

I really want to learn, how to be an FA, a BA… but… sigh… I only came back and became one for like 2 weeks and BY is out on leave… I have no idea what I should do now. Last Thursday, I sent an email to F and BY said I should have put in more details… How? And just now M came to ask me something which I need to check with the users. How? And now I’m feeling so terrible. Felt a bit feverish, which I think is due to the lack of sleep over the weekend. And my menses just came which is giving me a lot of menses cramps. Terrible… Simply terrible… And not to mention that I’ve got a slight sore throat. Later WZ will be coming over to ask me to help him to tie his tie. He needs to go for an interview at AIG at 3pm. Good luck to him.

I think I’m really going to be sick. Better drink more water. Just now went to collect the concert tickets at Park Mall, then went to Zhu’s house and bought lunch for him. Came back at 2.30pm and had a long chat with EZ only till now then come back. I’m going down for tea break now.

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