$7.5k Contract Confirmed!

COOL! It’s the best thing I’ve heard for quite a while. The deal that NN was saying, is now confirmed! We’ve got 4 months to complete the development. And if we finished, we get to have $7.5k! Better start working hard soon! Money! I LOVE MONEY!

So sleepy now. Back from lunch and bought 10 different flavours muffins from “Bake Of”. Sleepy… Today is Mum’s birthday. 58th Birthday.

Sometimes I really hate my nose. Felt like sneezing but can’t sneeze. And being in the air-con office is terrible… 6.18pm, a while more Zhu Zhu should come. But never hear anything from him since his interview. Should I message him?

I’m in the office waiting for WZ. He should be back home by now. I should have took a bus and gone to his house first instead of waiting in the office for him to come. 7.25pm already… Hmm… What should I do? The longer I stay here, the higher possibility that I’ll get something. Better go off asap but… OK! I just got a SMS from my Darling. He’s on his way already. By the way, that interview really financial planner! TMD! Write until so nice…

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