I Fell Down *SOB*

Ouch… Early in the morning, I fell down outside the toilet in my office. The floor is slippery, and I think my heels also slippery… Sigh… Luckily nothing much. Woke up late today, at 9am. Before that, went back to WZ’s house from my house. Must be the medicine that made me so drowsy. Heard HB won’t be going to PHP yet. Wonder when am I going… but BY still don’t know yet…

Stupid crack! Caused my PC to get virus! Next time don’t download all these stupid cracks already! I spent the whole morning trying to salvage my PC and never do anything at all! TMD… Zhu fixed his HP already, the holder for the memory card seems to be loose. Just now had lunch with him. Ate the wanton mee which was so big plate till I can’t finish. Verdict? It’s not exactly very nice but its cheap and the quantity is a lot. And now I’m back inside the office with that stupid air-con that made my nose so uncomfortable!

Finished wrapping up the wine. Sometimes I really find myself rather talented in wrapping up gifts. *smiling smugly* Now discussing where and when meeting NN to talk about the deal.

Alright… I just realized I lost 2 babies, from what I heard from my mum. What happened? My sister called me just now in the evening and told me that Tyra wanted 2 of my Hello Kitties soft toy, the ones that can flipped over and become a burger. ?? This was my reaction. I don’t remember anything that will turn into a burger, so I just told her I don’t know and all she said was “Ok, never mind, I see how” and thats it. And now, my mum told me that it was those given by JY’s mum. Great… Now then tell me… And Tyra took it… And it WAS SUPPOSED to be ONE WHOLE SET of 10 or 12… Great…

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