Grasshoppers In Genting!

Yes! Friday already! And I’m going to Genting tonight! Tomorrow will be Grasshoppers’ concert. We will be running on tight schedule for tomorrow. Ganbatte ne! BY just came in and he said that there’s a lot of SOW to do. No worries… I’m here to HELP! STEADY!

What kind of gossip is that? Just now EZ messaged us and asked us to go for tea break, said want to gossip. But when we went down, the only gossip that she said was, “I tendered already”. Wow… Sigh… What reactions you expect me to have? The more or less, ONE person whom I can talk to, will be leaving this company soon. SOON. End of June. Sigh… *sob*… “everyone is leaving…” – quoted from SY’s msn…

Finally away from work, for a while. It felt nice. Going on a trip with Zhu Zhu (though he’s so irritating, when reached also never informed me and I had to carry that HEAVY bag and walked around). Sis and her friend went with us. Though it jammed for quite a while, and there were some hic-cups when Uncle Liow came in and insisted that only Genting will hold concerts. *Phew*

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