To Kuala Lumpur

We had intended (intended only) to wake up at 8am for breakfast. But in the end we were so tired that we woke up at 9am for breakfast (which ends at 10am). There wasn’t much to eat and we didn’t see my sister and her friend too. But half way throughout the meal, they came. They slept late too. My whole body was aching from the dancing at the concert and the lack of sleep but it was really fun.

We check out of the hotel at 12pm and took a cab down to KL. Cost us RM$80. Wasn’t too bad. An hour later and we reached the Swiss Garden Hotel. The service was rather nice and so is the room too. But we got the one with 2 single beds, which we ended up pushing it together after I refused to sleep separately from Darling (oops). We never waste any time. Once we reached, dropped our luggage and immediately we went to eat and shop… all the way from 2pm till 7pm… I bought Disney Scrabble! And then we put our things back, topped up our water bottle and left for the Chinatown night streets where I bought one Prada bag and Zhu Zhu argued for a long time for an LV bag. It was so funny the way he bargained with that guy. That guy had offered $150, and WZ just cut it to like $40. Then finally it ended at $60… Not too bad and apparently he’s enjoying the fun too! We reached back to the hotel at around 12 midnight. Shag like crazy.

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