End Of Short Trip

Alright, don’t expect us to go and eat the breakfast too early. We woke up at about 9am too. The breakfast here was slightly better than the one in World Club Lounge. Oh no, we didn’t waste time. After packing our things and checking out at 12pm, we put our luggage in the hotel and went back to shop again. Hmm… Did we buy anything? Oh yes, the dancing DVD. Hmm… Wonder if me and WZ will really dance to that… Oh yes, we had Teppanyaki for lunch. WZ had never tried that before. Apparently when he was younger, he never waste his money on all this so he never tried before (like so pitiful) and when he’s older, all these became so expensive. It’s alright, I’ll bring him to try out all the different food! ^^ By the way, we went to eat at Nandos for dinner yesterday too! And it’s WZ’s first time and he loves it! I really like to see him enjoying himself! ^^

It was hours and hours of sitting on the bus with the heavy rain pouring down…

Finally we reached Kovan. Went to HK Cafe for “dinner” and managed to “kidnap” WZ to my house!

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