“EWE” Is A Valid Word

Woohoo! I’m back in office and late for work by half an hour! 20 emails, just finished reading it. Now there’s mainly 2 things to clear. CM-331 and CM-349. Scary… it’s really difficult to face those “customers”. Damn. Did I choose correctly? Yes! Of course! Isn’t it more fun? But I’ve got a lot of things to learn!

Darling going for his appointment now. Was playing the scrabble with him till 2am…Shit him! I put “ewe” and he told me its not a word EVEN after I showed him the dictionary – a female sheep. And after that he kept saying that I cheater, I’m the one who put the word inside the dictionary. Said “zew” is also a word, its a female zebra =.=”’

Worked until 9.15pm before I left the office to meet Zhu Zhu. But stupidly, I waited for like 30 minutes for Bus no. 162 and it never came. Fed up, I went to take the MRT. =.=”’ We went to eat carrot cake and fish ball noodle at the Kopitiam. So full and the carrot cake was really cheap! Went home and played Dumb, and he won! Not too bad. I mean, I wasn’t that good in Chess, but at least he wasn’t that bad either. Good… can teach. *LOL*

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