ERP Increasing Again

Alright, it wasn’t that bad. Only late by 5 minutes. Received a MSN message from Henky with the message on Waymond complaining that he hadn’t seen me online for quite a while, wondering if I blocked him. Oh well, I DID! Smart guy! But too bad. He’s too noisy and I seriously don’t really feel like talking to him. It’s not as if I knew him for a long long time right? Zhu reached office too. Took him like only half an hour to reach but no, I ain’t going to stay in his house. BY will only be in the office in the afternoon… Let’s see what I should do now… Hmm… CPanel had been block-ED… How come? Security issues? Sometimes, I find that it isn’t that safe to “talk” in the office. Seems like there’s people tracking every sentence that you type. Hmm…

FUCK! Why kept increasing the ERP! As if all the prices of petrol, commodities going up isn’t enough, now they want to extend the hours and increase the amount. Crazy! It doesn’t help in the soothing of traffic! They are purely just trying to earn money! Why am I staying in such a country?! And I USED to love this country so much but as I grew older, I realize why so many people are migrating OUT and/or doesn’t have much belonging to this country. TMD!

Zohan is so funny! WZ laughed all the way throughout the movie. But there’s one bad news. WZ’s last paper had been postponed to the last week of July, and my sister couldn’t make it for HK after that. How? Now WZ asked us to go without him but apparently my sister wanted us to go ahead without her too. Damn.

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