I Am 28 Years Old

Happy Birthday to ME! I’m 28 already! How time flies… let’s see… I always like to take note of who wishes me… Pete and Kok Wee wishes me a few days ago already. And at 8am, BY messaged me -.-”’ (when people is still sleeping and the message got a lot of text missing). Now I’m going to check my email. Will be going to Science Centre later.

So fun! I mean the Science Centre. When was the last time I went?… Hmm… 5 years ago with RN, the one I said that it was like an excursion? This trip seems a lot different because I went with Zhu Zhu and my family! It was rather funny. We went to the McDonalds at Ang Mo Kio Park in the morning for breakfast first. WZ drove instead of my Dad. TT was complaining that the car was very squeezy and she don’t have place to sit (terrible). Then after that she was complaining that we haven’t reach after so long. But it was still alright when we finally reached. Some of the things had changed, actually quite a lot. And we went to the Water Works only at about 4pm after TT was crying and said that we never bring her there (that was supposed to be the last stop). But well, we brought her there to stop her nonsense, I mean crying. If it”s my kid… I think I will quite pissed… Anyway, played with her in the water (LOL), if you know what I meant. But apparently she’s quite enjoying it, though she’s screaming. I’m wet after that, and freezing cold after going into the air-con room. We went home after trying out some of the things at the Kinetics area outside the Science Centre.

So tired… Really K.O. already. DW bought a cake for me, and we ordered sushi from Sakae for dinner. Then they played MJ after that. Me? I did some of my work and at night at WZ’s house, I really K.O. So tired… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ^^

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