Croatia Lost… Boo Hoo…

Ah… Croatia lost… there goes my $500… Darling went back early in the morning. I’m now testing out the mp3. Felt like clearing up the mp3 today. Else it seems rather messy. Yesterday whole day already never do much things.
Almost 7pm already and I’m still testing out the mp3. Not too bad, I cleared like 11.5GB of space in total for my 3 drives. Cool huh? Leon went to cut hair. Not sure what time WZ coming but doubt he will be early.

WZ came with CZ around 7.30pm sharp. We walked half way to the coffee shop but they weren’t there yet and nobody picked up the phone, so we ended up playing scrabble at my house for a while. Not too bad, WZ improved a lot. ^^ We finally went down at around 8pm and ate. The food wasn’t too bad but I somewhat still prefer the one at Kovan BUT this is really near to my house. They played MJ after that while I tried to watch DVD but failed. Couldn’t get Ken’s audio system to work though he even tried hitting it. Ended up watch TV instead and dozed off around 3am in the morning. Sent CZ and CL home after that and slept at 6am in the morning.

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