Meeting The “Partner” In Biz

“… …”… My hp was ringing… Still half asleep, Darling passed my hp to me and I said, “Hello”… It’s NN… We are going to meet her colleague, Jon, today at 11am. She had called to tell me that she’s picking me up. But… it’s already 10.30am and I’m still asleep. Without any choice, I told her to come at 11.15am. So there goes my sleep. 4.5 hours of sleep, definitely not enough. I went to meet her colleague who seems rather alright. Big fat guy with a baby daughter (happens to be his daughter’s one year old birthday). Stays in PP. We discussed a bit, ate some food, and left. I didn’t want to stay there for too long. The main purpose was to meet her colleague. The main discussion with the client will only be on Tuesday.

NN sent me back home where I met WZ at the salon. He needed to cut his hair short because he’s going for his reservist tomorrow, for a week. Hmm…

Went home and started writing Zhu Zhu’s essay. He had postponed it for a long time. Went for dinner at Long John after that before continuing the essay at his house.

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