Pig In Camp

Almost 11am. Darling went for reservist this morning. He woke up really early and I finally saw him wear his army uniform! SO SMART! ^^ I took a picture of him! But he look so grumpy in that. Just now he sms and told me that he will stay out for the whole week, and that he will drive to camp. Wonder what he’s doing now…

Should I go and fetch him tonight at Jurong Camp? Hmm… it seems rather far… but if he takes MRT, will be quite a while… Hmm…

3.30pm, talking to EY now. It’s raining heavily in Manila now, but luckily there’s no typhoon in that area. He seems rather bored but still alright. Zhu Zhu… don’t think he will be coming to my house tonight. He rather get his mum to buy those coupons. If I know then I won’t go and buy just now. Hmm… At first still thought of not getting the money back from him for the coupons. Now I must take!

Is it me or is everyone staying away from each other? It seems so quiet… Nadi not online ever since she changed her job. NN will be going to Aussie soon, which means I’ll seldom see her online already. Since SY changed job, I also seldom talk to her. JY also getting busy. EY is now in PHP. Also talk lesser to HB since I started helping BY. Sigh… and worse of all… Darling in camp!! Sigh…

Okay, I’m bored. Though I’ve got things to do like updating the SOW for CM-333 because of idiots who just changed without informing us. They don’t understand the pain in updating when that person is only informed AFTER everything was confirmed. Sigh… Well, I’ve really got a lot of things to do but everything seems to be hanging there. Oh yes, I’m supposed to read a book online, at Safari. Maybe I should go and read now since BY had gone down for tea break and I don’t have the mood to update the SOW.

I’m going back home soon. Don’t feel like doing anything. Probably its due to the lack of sleep. Helped Darling finish his essay yesterday, so slept late. Then this morning, after he woke up, I couldn’t really sleep already. And it definitely feels weird to have his mum around while I prepare for work.

Darling had actually wanted to come to my house to stay overnight but now, at 10.50pm, he’s still in the Jurong Camp… so… he said… that… don’t think he’s coming… *CRY*

I can’t sleep!!! I think I got too used to having my baby beside me… *SOB* But now he couldn’t come because it’s too late… *SOB*

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