Good Girl Gone Bad

I don’t have mood to do anything. Felt so much like dropping everything and just go away. But… I don’t have much savings. I was telling the pig that I only bought 3 coupons because I bought whatever I had left in my bank account. A bit pathetic right? I left 90 bucks inside. Sigh… So in the end, he gave me allowance again. I don’t know why but am I really spending a lot? But looking at how I ate yesterday, I guess so. Lunch, it cost me like $6 + $3.50 = $9.50. Then tea break $1.40 + $1 = $2.40. Dinner is $8. Total = $9.50 + 2.40 + $8 = $19.90. Even at the point when I’m “broke”, I spent like almost $20 for the whole day. Damn it. I think I should cut down on going out with my friends. That day went to NN’s colleague’s daughter birthday. Just like that and $20 gone when I HAVEN’T EVEN EARN THE MONEY. Sigh… I felt really down… I think I need to exercise.

Hmm… Anything that need me to do? Hmm… Just settled some bills with NN. Forgotten a lot already so I just asked her to pass me $50. Have to get it back. I no more money already! Some more still going HK. Have to wait till next week then can book the tickets. Hopefully everything alright. Read the news just now. There seems to be so many tragedy recently. Or am I starting to read the news more, thats why I know a lot? Sigh… Just now, as I settled the things with NN, I realised… ever since I started doing “business” with her, I think I never earn before. Right? I mean… look at my hp bills… I paid every month but I haven’t got any income yet! From goondoos to UNeedCS, from bank loans to tuitions to website now, I haven’t got anything in return yet! Maybe I’m not suitable to do business? Think I’m TOO not motivated already.

Met up with Yuan2 just now. Today is his off day and he’s bored. I was quite bored too (since Darling in camp still). Anyway, he’s getting married next January! Finally!! Another big kid! But glad he’s finally settling down. Else I have no idea what he wants. And I believe this girl really serious about him. Good for him! My baby still in camp now. So pitiful…

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