Party While You’re Still Alive

I was checking my Yahoo email and I received an email from Ministry of Sound with that title “Party while you’re still alive”. Hmm… seems like its been a while since I last partied. When was that? I think it was the one with Nicole and Pete, and then Zhu came to fetch me. Maybe its a sign? Since the end of world is coming. *LOL* Today I’ll be meeting CT & Gang at Clarke Quay. Looking forward!

Finally the email is ready for use and I don’t have to use the webmail anymore. Won’t be meeting CT they all tonight because Del couldn’t make it. Will go to Zhu’s house to get the KIA letter after work. Just paid my UOB bills of $1743.54. There goes my salary for June. *cough* Which means I’ll be eating grass for the month of July. Don’t ask me how I spend my money. I have NO IDEA. I thought going to PHP will make me earn a few hundreds more but instead, I spent a few hundreds more and now my finance is in a mess. Just read a news on LKY. He mentioned that SG must not fall into the hands of opposition. Well, I’m not exactly FOR PAP but I agreed with what he said. We can’t follow the U.S., not their system. We are too small, too fragile, we need to really control. Yes, people might complain about the increase in this and that but put it this way, we are more or less the few countries that don’t really have big problems. Protest, for what? When you have a stable job, enough to feed the family, everyone is rather happy, would you want to spend time to go and protest? Hmm… Not for me, I’m quite sure. Anyway… That day EY was saying that he read a prophecy which said that the world cannot be lead by people with yellow skin, else it will be the end of the world soon. Yellow skin… hmm… Chinese?

Yeah! My Darling is coming to my house and stay overnight tonight! It’s worth it to dote on him a little and go to his house to take the KIA letter and ate my dinner an hour later! ^^ *dance around*

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