9.15am *SHOCK*

It felt so nice to wake up, see my Darling changed into his army clothing (who now regretted in not performing well when he was in army and wasted 2 years of his life) and see him out. But the next moment, I woke up and realised it’s already 9.15am! And I’M VERY LATE FOR WORK!

Back at office, at 11am… Hmm… BY asked me to come and work late, so I did. Saved my annual leave, so in a way its good.

So full… I think my tummy is exploding soon. Just came back from lunch at Red Star @ Chin Swee Road. Think my stomach don’t feel that well after eating so much. Plus my eyes are closing now. Damn… I need to work late today. *CRY*

I’m now in the midst of discussing with a user. So scary but it seems rather fun too! I LOVE THIS NEW JOB SCOPE!

I only wanted to talk for another 2 minutes, until 12.30am… is it that difficult…? Sigh… Need to say “I regretted calling you” ah? Sigh… Miss him so much for what? People don’t miss you THAT much. Should have gone out and party. Sigh… I feel so lousy. Can’t even find someone to go for dinner. Now he just tell me that he’s tired and that’s it. I also very tired but just that I whole day hardly talk to him, so now want to talk what. Some more I still don’t feel good about tomorrow. Sigh… Shit.

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