What We Couldn’t Do…

It’s Saturday and I’m going to DL’s wedding tonight… Not meeting Zhu Zhu till after the dinner…

SY and WL came and picked me up at 7pm. Before that I took a nap for a few hours and then prepared for the wedding. Sigh… seems so… difficult to go. I never tell my mum about it. I sat in the car and was on the way there. Irritating JY seems so happy, kept messaging me about the status, like our photo was after his in the montage, the table was beside ours and… he’s here… No… I seriously don’t feel comfortable. I know how he’s like and I know how much he hated me and how much he don’t wished to see me. Because if he really don’t mind, he wouldn’t be sitting where he sat – back facing us… I knew I hurt him a lot, I don’t blame him for doing that, and that’s why I felt guilty, for giving up at the last minute… What else can I do anyway?

Well, let’s talk about the wedding. The first montage was… a bit funny which after that, I realised, it was done by DL. But they got this service where they go around taking pictures of people and they can put messages beside. Me and JY took one since we sitting beside, and those in that tables are mainly couples. And we wrote the message “What we couldn’t do, you could! Love JY & TM” It was quite funny to put that. I asked JY if he’s scare that YT will beat him thats why he put that. *LOL* And the cutest part is, they will print out those pictures in namecards size and give to people! ^^ Oh yes, I got the picture with JY and we are going to scare our parents – me (mum) and him (dad).

Zhu came to fetch me after that. So sweet… sometimes I really felt so fortunate, to have someone who won’t argue with me over who I go out with. Instead, just joke with me. Me? Most of the time I don’t really mind but sometimes I just want to make some noise! *LOL* Irritating huh?

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