EZ’s Last Day

What should I say? She’s quitting and leaving us… All those people that I can talk to… are not in this office. Why? Any particular reason?

Just had lunch with EZ, YF, HS and LJ… Sigh… Felt like crying… After today, I’ll be all “alone”… *SOB* and I saw a dead 1cm caterpillar on one of the vegetables just now. I’m so totally grossed out. I condemned Uncle Sam’s!

Lonely… But won’t feel it until tomorrow… I went home after that and tried to book the trip for HK. Managed to get the tickets for 4 of us. Leaving for HK on the 31 July at 06:40, then coming back on the 3 August reaching at 23:50. Sis will see how when the time comes.

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