Ulcer Still There

Saw this Mediacorp bus in the morning. Terence Cao was inside but I never really look inside the bus. I mean, it will seem so dumb if you saw them and scream like those girls right? Nah… My ulcers still there… don’t really have the mood to appreciate all these. How? I’m going HK tomorrow […]

Early Bus Ride

Terrible… it was a terrible ride. I never knew coming to office so early would be so scary. I took bus 167 just now and it was SO pack! First time I perspired when I’m in an air-con bus. Hmm… Stomach don’t feel really too good… not sure if its menses coming or… my stomach […]

My Sony Vaio!

Today, I just shifted back to my old seat, you know… the one with the air-con vent right above me. Yes… it’s freezing cold now. And I brought a jacket that AIN’T that thick. I love my old seat (other than the air-con) but now… those sitting around me are different already… No more HB… […]

Stupid Kim

I think all those people with names – KIM, regardless of male or female, are all rather idiotic. I’m serious. I got woken up by WZ’s sms this morning, from a girl, a colleague, named KIM. What happened? She wanted to swap back the working Saturday with WZ for 2 August. Apparently, EVERYONE needs to […]

Heavy Showers

So cold and so nice to sleep but I’m already in the office. Sigh… It would be really good if today is a Sunday. Just now met YF in the pantry and he said I look fatter with the short hair… *CRY* I’m SO condemning ENZI!Alright, that’s it for now. My brain is shutting off… […]