“Poisonous” Nuggets

How much does Zhu Zhu love me? A lot a lot alot… more than he loves a pig!

Internet just came back and Zhu Zhu called me, he said that the generator in SP exploded (don’t really know what he meant though) so the whole building black out now. And well, he’s out of the building as the whole block of people gathered outside, don’t know where. And apparently Boon also experienced some short-circuit thing, as well as his friend. Probably the internet down is really due to that too. Let’s wait for the news.

So sleepy… Just asked YF to explain something to me, which in the end I realized that the document was a bit redundant. And… I still don’t know how to write this SOW!

Damn… What is that nuggets that I ate? That I bought from the Cheers beside Body Wellness… For the whole facial, I kept farting ALL THE WAY. My stomach was rumbling like I will need to shit anytime! Imagine… me lying down, the face was so painful because I was doing some crystall peeling or whatever… and it felt like using a sandpaper and rubbing my face away. And at the same time, my stomach don’t feel good… it really felt terrible…

We got back Xiaobai and he’s blue-black is gone! As good as new! But… I felt like a murderer… the flowers were all dying… Hopefully I can revive it. Zhu Zhu put it in the kitchen… I hope his mum never “xun” those flowers with her cooking… *faintz*

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