Hainan Relatives?

Alright… I totally forgotten that there’s buffet at my house tonight, for the relatives from Hainan Island. Hmm… Still promised WZ that we’ll go for dinner. Just now calculated the money that I have. Damn… Not enough. How? It’s always like that. How? Take out all my savings and clear it once and for all? NO! CANNOT! I took such a long while to save and I’m not going to take out all my money! =.=”’ Shit.

Lunch… is getting more and more boring. I’m having lunch with LA and group today. No, I don’t meant that they are boring but… I’m now sitting away from HB they all. EZ left (repeat again). HY now on leave. TN, I think went to meet gf today. VT not in. YC… not sure where is he. It’s just… breaking up. *sob*

It’s not the first time that he teased me in THAT way. Bring up my hopes that I’ll be able to see him but in the end, he can’t make it. And some more it dragged for the whole day from the morning till I’m going off work soon. If in the middle, he told me that he can’t make it. Fine, at least for half of the day, I get his answer. Tell me at the point when I’m knocking off soon. WTF! Imagine you telling a kid that you want to buy a toy for her but in the end you never… you know how it felt like? TMD. So what if he goes later. Does it really matter? Probably doesn’t. Because I really hate people to bring up my hopes that high, plus the fact that I was brought into believing that by asking him a few more times, then he will go. Bullshit.

He still came eventually… Though I’m already not angry but seriously I hate it when he made me so disappointed ESPECIALLY when it’s deliberately. The buffet? As usual, eat, talk, introduce, take photos, smile and smile and smile. The funny thing is, supposedly the auntie, I mistook as grandauntie. *LOL* Not my fault, my dad thought so too. Oops…

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