Itchy Rashes => Painful Rashes

Yeah! I finished all 3 layouts! But NN was saying don’t give it to them first. She got plans, she always have. Just that you ain’t sure when its going to happen. SO nowadays, I’m smarter, I don’t really want to rely on her too much. I need to start to learn and do it on my own (if she’s any slower).

My rashes are starting to irritate me. At first it’s itchy. Now it’s becoming slightly painful because I kept scratching it at times (while I was sleeping). Sigh… Stupid coffeeshop… Made me perspire then now become like that. *PUI*

Argued with Zhu Zhu while on our way to OG. He started nagging at me and I just couldn’t take it. Sigh… yes, I know my temper ain’t that good but his also not that good either! Sigh… But I still love him, don’t ask me why, I just find him cute and he knows how to pamper me. ^^

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